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Adult Tennis FAQs

What do you do if it rains?

We play on all weather courts and will endeavour to play on as much as possible. However if the weather causes the court to become dangerous or prevents a beneficial session being delivered, at the coaches’ discretion, a session may be cancelled. Players booked onto the course will receive a text message as soon as cancellation has been made. Any cancelled sessions do not count towards your block of 6.

Do I need a Racket?

We provide all the equipment, so if you don’t have a racket we can provide one for the session. We can also advise on which rackets to purchase and on the suitability of any rackets you currently own.

What do I wear?

Suitable sports footwear and clothes. Please no denim or football shirts on court.

Junior Tennis FAQs

What do you do if it rains?

At Bancroft’s we are fortunate enough to have indoor facilities, so all sessions continue throughout the year.
At our other venues, where we are outside, we endeavour to get on court as much as possible, but occasionally the weather is too severe. If a decision is made before the start of a session, a text will be sent to the contact number given on the booking form. All missed sessions, can be made up at any other equivelent session or during one of our Holiday Camp sessions.
If the weather becomes too severe during a session, we will still supervise the children in the pavilion or club house until the weather clears.

What is your coach – to – player ratio?

We always try and stay well inside these ratios, but will never exceed the following numbers of players per coach:

4-5 year olds – Ratio 6:1

6-8 year olds – Ratio 8:1

9-11 year olds – Ratio 8: 1

Older Juniors – Ratio 8:1

Do we need to bring a racket?

No! We have a full range of equipment that is lent out to players all inclusive of the course price.

We do have rackets for sale, and can give advice as to what size your child needs.

What should we bring?

1. A drink or at least a drink container is vital.

2. Some players will also bring a snack for our mid-session break

3. A rain coat in case we experience some light rain

4. Sun cream and a sun hat

5. Appropriate sports clothing

6. Non-Marking trainers

7. A racket if you have your own!

How are the children grouped?

We follow the nationally accredited LTA Mini Tennis scheme.

In short, as the players get older and grow the environment they learn on changes with them. This means, the court gets bigger and the balls bouncier!

Therefore we place children in groups based primarily on their age but ability is also important.

These groups are subject to change throughout the course. We make every effort to ensure that children play against others of a similar standard. If you are unhappy with your child’s group, please do not hesitate to speak to a coach.

Holiday Camps - Five whole mornings of tennis, won’t they get bored?

We are exceptionally good at what we do! We have been involved in holiday camps for over 10 years at a variety of clubs around London and this experience means our sessions are well organised and planned, leaving no time for boredom to feature.

My Child is worried because they won’t know anyone?

The coaches are aware that some children are shy and may not know any of the other children. We start each session with a sociable warm-up enabling the children to get to know each other. See our sample lesson plan for more details.

Do parents have to stay?

It's up to you. Most parents usually just stay for a while on the first day or session, but you're very welcome to stay for longer if you want to. We encourage parents to spend at least some time watching to get a feel for their child’s improvement and to show their support!