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Grip Size Infomation

When choosing a racket, the correct grip size is important.

If you are able to come into store, we can help measure up and advice on the best size for you.

If you are not able to come in, below is a chart that can be used to measure which, theoretically, is the best grip size for you.

There is an element of personal preference involved, what you feel comfortable with and what you have used before.

If in doubt, a female player generally uses a grip size 2 and a male player a grip size 3.

Remember you can always make a grip bigger with overgrips and a heat shrink wrap, it is much harder to shave a grip size down!

As always if you need more help get in touch with us using our chat box or give us a call. 

If you are unsure on your tension, leave this blank and we will string at the manufacturers recommended tension

Wilson's premium and renowned multifilament offering comes closest to matching Natural Gut in feel and power. According to Wilson, it expands the sweetspot by 10% and reduces vibration by 70% compared to ordinary synthetic gut, thanks to it construction which sees Xycro Micro fibres wrapped in polyurethane coating.

For many years now, NXT has established itself as being high performer and excellent choice for those looking for the natural gut performance without its drawbacks.

  • Compostion: Xycro Micro fibres in polyurethane coating

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