Demo Service

Try Before You Buy!

Not sure what racket is right for you? Struggling to decide between two new rackets? Want to check whether the weight is right or how the racket feels? We have over 50 rackets for you to try before you buy!

We understand that investing in a new racket is a big commitment both financially and for your game. Although we can advise individuals in store or on the phone, the best way to select a racket is to try it!

We offer a demo service on all rackets that retail over £100. You can try as many as you like (max of 2 at a time) until you find the new racket for you.

Demo Rackets

A quick video on how our Demo Service works, as well as some great tips on how to test a racket out too.

How to Demo - In Store

A 100% deposit is required on all Demo Rackets that leave the shop

A maximum of two rackets can be taken at a time for up to three days

Upon return a £20 fee will be charged if a racket is not purchased

If a racket is purchased a full refund will be applied on any other rackets used 50% of the deposit will be returned on any damaged rackets

Private Demo sessions can be arranged to try more than two rackets at a time with one of our team

Speak to a staff member for more information.

How to Demo - Online

We have one demo racket for each frame, so they are often out of stock.

Click below to see what frames are currently available.

If you like the racket, get in touch with us (We'll e-mail you to see how your getting on)

Once we receive the racket back, we'll post you a brand new one only charging for extra shipping and a re-string (if you want one)

If you don't like a racket, we can send you another one to try once we receive the first one back. There will be an additional postage fee for this.

If you end up purchasing, again there is no extra charge other than shipping and optional re-stringing.

If you do not purchase a racket, a refund is given for the purchase price, minus £20 per racket tested.

If we don't receive a racket back within 2 weeks of it arriving at your address, we will not accept the rackets return, and no refund will be offered.

If we receive a racket back damaged or in an otherwise unacceptable state, we reserve the right to issue a smaller or no refund.

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