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Our re-stringing service is unrivalled; we have a brand new electronic machine, the Gamma 6900 that was the first of its kind in the UK. This means we are able to string rackets with much more precision and with less string creep (gradual reduction of tension over time) than any manual machine. All our racket technicians are fully trained and certified with the UK Racket Stringing Association, and are able to string any tennis, squash, badminton or racket ball racket. We can assist with the selection of strings and tension to suit your racket and style of play.

We can check the current tension of your strings with a ‘Dynamic String Tension Computer’, which will allow us to find the current tension in any frame.

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- Bring the racket in for a free consultation

- Rackets are strung as standard on a 2-3 day turnaround

- Quicker service can be provided at additional cost.

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A quick video giving you some information on String types, tensions and when you'll need a re-string.


We aim to have all rackets back within a week of receiving it.

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The Prices include:

The Re-String itself

Return postal delivery, 1-2 days will be added at the checkout (Free if your total cart is over £50)

We'll wait to send any other purchases with your re-strung racket.

After purchase:

Send your racket to us - drop off at a local drop-off point.

We’ll re-string within 2 days and then post pack 1-2 days courier as standard)

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